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Verena Frye ‘Evil thing’

German-Brazilian photographer Verena Frye brings us a debut series inspired by her recent discovery & newfound love of cabaret. This is ‘Evil thing’ starring Camila Mergulhão.

“I went to this cabaret in São Paulo with friends & fell in love with the place. Not only the amazing wall decorations & interior but the whole vibe of it spoke to me. I then asked the owner, who was also having a good time that evening, if I could do a shooting there some time. As I’m more used not the mostly not very welcoming location owners in my hometown Berlin, I was pleasantly surprised that he happily agreed to it.

The first person that came to my mind that I would love shoot in that environment was my friend, model & fashion designer Camila Mergulhão. Camila & that place fit perfectly together in their beautiful but rebellious ways. All
clothes are by the model’s own brand Tabacco & Leather.”

#germany #berlin #saopaulo #brazil #dark #tattoos #cabaret



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