Excuses: 1/15 Excuses: 1/15
Excuses: 2/15 Excuses: 2/15
Excuses: 3/15 Excuses: 3/15
Excuses: 4/15 Excuses: 4/15
Excuses: 5/15 Excuses: 5/15
Excuses: 6/15 Excuses: 6/15
Excuses: 7/15 Excuses: 7/15
Excuses: 8/15 Excuses: 8/15
Excuses: 9/15 Excuses: 9/15
Excuses: 10/15 Excuses: 10/15
Excuses: 11/15 Excuses: 11/15
Excuses: 12/15 Excuses: 12/15
Excuses: 13/15 Excuses: 13/15
Excuses: 14/15 Excuses: 14/15
Excuses: 15/15 Excuses: 15/15

Jase Holzer ‘Excuses’

Jase Holzer brings us a new awesome film series out of London.

“This shoot was super last minute. I was on a commercial job that was draining my soul & was low key complaining about it on the gram. Elizavida messaged me & said come to mine, we can shoot & I was feeling creative so made my excuses & headed off over to her side of the city!

I really try to capture the personalities I meet which can be tricky as most people will show you their mask, but with Elizavida I really feel like these images represent the person I met. It was a session where conversation superseded taking photos, it took near an hour to take my first shot & I was really taken aback by Elizavidas honesty & insight in the subjects we discussed which made her just a dream to meet & work with! Also, there was a dog.”



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