Stefanie Muller

‘Exotic Earth’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Stefanie Muller / Model: Caroline Carson / Stylist: Caroline Carson
Exotic Earth: 1/10
Exotic Earth: 2/10
Exotic Earth: 3/10
Exotic Earth: 4/10
Exotic Earth: 5/10
Exotic Earth: 6/10
Exotic Earth: 7/10
Exotic Earth: 8/10
Exotic Earth: 9/10
Exotic Earth: 10/10

Stefanie Muller ‘Exotic Earth’

Stefanie Muller & her muse, Caroline Carson head to the Chapman Valley in Western Australia for their gorgeous debut feature.

“We drove out of town to stomp around on rocks half naked, and ended up coming
across an abandoned mattress. Got comfortable, & after fuckloads of itching realised why people dump
mattresses in the hills.

In this shoot I aim to bring to life my vision ‘exotica’ using my body & surroundings. Exotica is an electric mix of raw earth, sea breeze & psychedelic botanica. Through this vision I live in a total fucking nostalgic paradise! Hopefully you can see it in these photos.”



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