Agustin Prieto

‘Eyes closed’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Agustin Prieto / Model: Marina Mouzo
Eyes closed: 1/12
Eyes closed: 2/12
Eyes closed: 3/12
Eyes closed: 4/12
Eyes closed: 5/12
Eyes closed: 6/12
Eyes closed: 7/12
Eyes closed: 8/12
Eyes closed: 9/12
Eyes closed: 10/12
Eyes closed: 11/12
Eyes closed: 12/12

WDYGWYCYE? from Agustin Prieto on Vimeo.

Agustin Prieto ‘Eyes closed’

Where do you go when you close your eyes? Agustin Prieto brings us a new analogue series that explores the feeling you get when you are alone with yourself in the shadows of your thoughts. “Images come to your mind. Sometimes it is very calm & soft, & other times it can get dark & fragmented”.



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