Ahmed Hassan

‘Face it’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Ahmed Hassan
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Ahmed Hassan ‘Face it’

London based photographer Ahmed Hassan has been shooting his own fashion portraits since the age of 19! It’s no wonder he now shares his stunning work on an international stage via various printed & online publications. Today it is a pleasure to introduce him to Sticks & Stones with some of my faves images from his vast collection.

“It isn’t rare for a photographer to have to produce the concept, create the set, paint the backdrops, do the hair & make up as well the styling. It’s a huge feat, but I love it. My concepts always spring from high drama & fantasy. I would describe my photos as more often than not featuring women illuminated by bright beams of colour, with sequins & platinum heads glinting, styled as disco-era glamazons (painted faces, towering heels, mesh shirts, and bleached hair) and ready to live. After all the thrill and glitter, I find it imperative to create an environment where interacting with the model doesn’t feel intrusive but can still feel close. When the models approach the set, I encourage them to express any emotion they want, whether it be cold, indifferent, glee, or even just a fierce glare. I want it to be true. That way, it doesn’t feel one-sided, but the models help in bringing their truth to life.”

1. GALACTICA – In 2017, I was 19 & attended the Love Magazine party during LFW & the theme was ‘Disco Galactica’. The entire design of LouLou’s (the venue) was enough to inspire me for this shoot. ‘Otherworldly’ was what I started with & that concept influenced the lighting, hair & makeup & the backdrop. It was one of my favourite shoots because I finally recreated one of the most memorable nights I’d had.

2. LE MEC NOE – After living in Paris, I began turning my apartment into a photography studio. Culled from Instagram, the model showed up weighed down by rings with 3 of his father’s magnifying glasses in his pocket & I decided they would be perfect for the shoot.


4. STELLAR – With the model being called Stella, ‘Stellar’ seemed to make the most sense. Having just walked off the runway at PFW I organised an impromptu shoot that lasted only 15mins (that’s all she was able to fit in with her schedule). Immediately I drew silver indents on her lips and slicked back her with gel she had in her bag. I asked her to pose the way she felt the whole day, which was: ‘indifferent”.

5. BULLY – The concept behind this shoot was guilt, which meant it all came down to the eyes. I called this photo Bully because the uneven waves of dark locks & the fierce glare in the model’s eyes were immediately expressive of intimidation & domination. The expression was so loud, I did not feel that the backdrop I’d prepared was even

6. SHRIMPS – This shoot was styled by myself & Shrimps. The inspiration was Venetian pink & yellows, bright swirls & Murano Glass prints.




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