Caro Campobello

‘Faded away’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Caro Campobello / Model: Melanie Santos / Stylist: Melanie Santos / HMUA: Candelaria Gómez
Faded away: 1/12
Faded away: 2/12
Faded away: 3/12
Faded away: 4/12
Faded away: 5/12
Faded away: 6/12
Faded away: 7/12
Faded away: 8/12
Faded away: 9/12
Faded away: 10/12
Faded away: 11/12
Faded away: 12/12

Caro Campobello ‘Faded away’

Caro Campobello is always faithful to the analogue camera while experimenting in the digital world, merging both techniques. For her debt series the Buenos Aires creative meets with self-styled, Melanie Santos.

“Ice slipping through my fingers. Water is so cold. My eyes hurt on reflection. As time passes I’m getting harder & colder. I’m getting tougher to melt. Harder to reach. I’m almost putting up a front, a form of protection. Staying at the surface. It’s my safe zone. So difficult to let you in.”

“It was last summer, I was heartbroken. My last night on holidays at Punta Del Este, Uruguay, I was on acid hanging around with my sister at the beach & received a message from Melanie that said something like; “Are u at Uruguay? We should shoot, I have an Art Gallery with perfect spots for us to explore.” Without having slept I packed my stuff hurried to eat everything from what we called Danger Hotel’s breakfast, it was raining like hell. I arrived late, we had 2 hours left before my departure. Although I don’t like rushing things, sometimes you can’t control. So yup, you gotta flow. Its interesting when events develop themselves alone. You are squeezing the throttle but you have partial control of the steering wheel, that’s the point where magic occurs.”

Special Thanks to Living ART, Maldonado.



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