Alcibiade Cohen

‘Fair game’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Alcibiade Cohen / Model: Juliet Searle / Stylist: Bar Maldonado / Wardrobe: Noir Kennedy / Wardrobe: Espace Kiliwatch / Wardrobe: Hippy Market Turbigo
Fair game: 1/15
Fair game: 2/15
Fair game: 3/15
Fair game: 4/15
Fair game: 5/15
Fair game: 6/15
Fair game: 7/15
Fair game: 8/15
Fair game: 9/15
Fair game: 10/15
Fair game: 11/15
Fair game: 12/15
Fair game: 13/15
Fair game: 14/15
Fair game: 15/15

Alcibiade Cohen ‘Fair game’

‘Fair Game’ is our first feature by 24 year old french director / photographer, Alcibiade Cohen. Always awesome to learn about a new talent. Here is what he told us about the shoot…

“I wanted to have fun in the Tuileries fairground in Paris, with the half french & half british badass red neck Juliet Searle. I think its all about candy cotton & rifles nowadays”.

love 🙂




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