Ram Sánchez

‘Fake green’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Ram Sánchez / Model: Mariana Moreno / Stylist: Ram Sánchez / HMUA: Aurora Echeverria
Fake green: 1/14
Fake green: 2/14
Fake green: 3/14
Fake green: 4/14
Fake green: 5/14
Fake green: 6/14
Fake green: 7/14
Fake green: 8/14
Fake green: 9/14
Fake green: 10/14
Fake green: 11/14
Fake green: 12/14
Fake green: 13/14
Fake green: 14/14

Ram Sánchez ‘Fake green’

Mexico creative Ram Sánchez brings us a colourful debut fashion story starring Mariana Moreno.

“This summer I’m making fashion stories with cool people in my city, looking for energy & to loads of colour. I place the model in locations where she fits perfectly with her attire & her performance.”

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