Felix Egger

‘Fallen Kingdom’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Felix Egger / Art director: Felix Egger / Art director: Denise Rudolf Frank / Model: Krischan Esra Müller / HMUA: Denise Rudolf Frank
Fallen Kingdom: 1/6
Fallen Kingdom: 2/6
Fallen Kingdom: 3/6
Fallen Kingdom: 4/6
Fallen Kingdom: 5/6
Fallen Kingdom: 6/6

Felix Egger ‘Fallen Kingdom’

Shot spontaneously in under an hour with a roll of film & a Yashica T5, this is ‘Fallen Kingdom’ by Vienna creatives, Felix Egger & Denise Rudolf Frank.

“We transformed Denise’s Garden into what we view as a Fallen Kingdom. Trying to make the best of a hot summer day, all while putting Krishan in a winter coat & Bomber jacket. Using only what we had laying around, not spending a single euro/dollar.”



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