Lexie Alley

‘Fallen Star’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Lexie Alley / Model: Storm Calysta / Stylist: Storm Calysta
Fallen Star: 1/9
Fallen Star: 2/9
Fallen Star: 3/9
Fallen Star: 4/9
Fallen Star: 5/9
Fallen Star: 6/9
Fallen Star: 7/9
Fallen Star: 8/9
Fallen Star: 9/9

Lexie Alley ‘Fallen Star’

“A celestial has fallen to Earth. It’s evident that she’s not from this world. In desperate efforts to camouflage her self as an Earthling, she begins indulging in American Pop Culture. She attempts to re-create the lives of the youth she’s seen on the silver screen. Obsessed with the glitz & glam, the fallen celestial becomes a struggling artist begging for her chance to become a star.”

Here is our latest rad af series starring Storm Calysta captured on 35mm film by Lexie Alley.



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