Gordo Johnson


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Gordo Johnson / Creative director: Sofie Hansen / Creative director: Gordo Johnson / Editor: Gordo Johnson / Stylist: Sofie Hansen / Model: Emma Karla
Familiar: 1/8
Familiar: 2/8
Familiar: 3/8
Familiar: 4/8
Familiar: 5/8
Familiar: 6/8
Familiar: 7/8
Familiar: 8/8

Gordo Johnson ‘Familiar’

Gordo Johnson is back with another awesome series out of LA. This is ‘Familiar’ starring Emma Karla.

“After randomly being neighbours in Tokyo end of 2018, Emma & I both now find ourselves in Los Angeles at the same time. While not knowing anyone else in Southern California, Emma visited to reconnect & have an intimate shoot with a familiar face.”



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