‘Far from home’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Rangefinder35 / Model: Courtney Paige Nelson / Stylist: Arlen Jeremy Farmer / Make-up Artist: Sooyon Kim
Far from home: 1/6
Far from home: 2/6
Far from home: 3/6
Far from home: 4/6
Far from home: 5/6
Far from home: 6/6

FAR FROM HOME (iPhone Short) from Rangefinder35 on Vimeo.

Rangefinder35 ‘Far from home’

For his latest series, LA photographer, Rangefinder35, teams up with model/actress, Courtney Paige Nelson.

“One of my favourite things about photographing people is getting to know them as we shoot. I attempt to capture a moment with the person that shows who they are or what they’re feeling. Courtney just wrapped her first season on television. She’s about to move to NYC & is constantly being asked to be photographed. It’s an exciting time in her life. These photos & film show how sometimes all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold.”



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