Amber Mealing

‘Fare thee well’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Director: Amber Mealing / Director of photography: Alice Stephens / Assistant: Harry Byrne / Photographer: Isaebella Doherty / Production: Dunja Vojnovic / Editor: Louise Mullins
Fare thee well: 1/15
Fare thee well: 2/15
Fare thee well: 3/15
Fare thee well: 4/15
Fare thee well: 5/15
Fare thee well: 6/15
Fare thee well: 7/15
Fare thee well: 8/15
Fare thee well: 9/15
Fare thee well: 10/15
Fare thee well: 11/15
Fare thee well: 12/15
Fare thee well: 13/15
Fare thee well: 14/15
Fare thee well: 15/15

Fare Thee Well - Yesteryear from Amber Mealing on Vimeo.

Amber Mealing ‘Fare thee well’

This is what a day under the Melbourne sun with a dream team looks like. This is ‘Fare thee well’.

“The day was meant to be raining & overcast, in true Melbourne form the sun came out & practically blistered our skin, but made for the perfect beach backdrop. Our amazing DOP Alice & I decided to use the piers, palms & grassy hillside to project a Miami vibe, on point with the Verona portrayed in Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet.

With film, photography, production design, a motorbike that an amazing random leant us, some guy that found it offensive that we were filming on the beach, the day felt like one big giant bizarre production dream, & after it was all done I wasn’t really quite sure what we had shot. I just needed some pawpaw on my sunburn.”

Wardrobe; Yesteryear Vintage & Sacre Flux.

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