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Miles Marie ‘Fashrogyny’

“It all started when I was looking for a chest harness for this shoot. Or, perhaps, it really started when my friend (& best hair stylist) Jessi, shot me a pic of Luke & said “you have to shoot this boy.” Detroit based Photographer & Makeup Artist Miles Marie brings us her latest gorgeous series starring Luke Erickson.

“After that it was all uphill excitement. I had just moved into my first studio and loved his wafey, Berlin look. Plus I was craving shooting another boy in my new space. I really wanted his dark, yet playful sense of humor to come through & had a vision – “pretty boy in a strapping harness.” With 72 hours until the shoot, I reached out to a friend, who told me to reach out to “Eat da Rich”, a funky & imaginative Detroit based clothing & accessory company, who was totally on board with this project. She also told me to reach out to another stellar Detroit handmade leather company “Mourn the Living.” I was also able to pull a few pieces from my girl “Stein Maximus” & history was ready to be made.

The day of, I put my incredible team to work. Matt was my right hand, Justin was my second set of eyes, & Luke was this pretty bendy thing that let me have my visual way with him. That day, we fought the rain, but not each other. Plus it felt so much like community. To have so many incredible Detroit fashion designers involved, & on such short notice., damn what a wonderful city I live in.”

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