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by: Ainsley Hutchence

24 photographs.
Production: Alexan Films / Written by: Alexan Sarikamichian / Director: Alexan Sarikamichian / Art director: Alexan Sarikamichian / Director of photography: Sebastian Ferrari / Production: Maria Flor Mendez
Fatal: 1/24
Fatal: 2/24
Fatal: 3/24
Fatal: 4/24
Fatal: 5/24
Fatal: 6/24
Fatal: 7/24
Fatal: 8/24
Fatal: 9/24
Fatal: 10/24
Fatal: 11/24
Fatal: 12/24
Fatal: 13/24
Fatal: 14/24
Fatal: 15/24
Fatal: 16/24
Fatal: 17/24
Fatal: 18/24
Fatal: 19/24
Fatal: 20/24
Fatal: 21/24
Fatal: 22/24
Fatal: 23/24
Fatal: 24/24


Alexan Films ‘Fatal’

Argentina director, Alexan Sarikamichian presents his latest stunning feature, paying special attention to photography, leaving behind natural landscapes for the intensity of the city.

“Fatal talks about friendship. Two couples who happen to be very good friends with each other. That kind of relationship may cause a feeling of trust that turns complicated when it comes to limits. The relationships, infidelity, adolescence, the night, provocation & intimate moments are reflected in the character’s personalities who dare to do whatever they want.

Soundtrack: “Paraguayas” Original Artyfacts

Special thanks to: Federico Brem, Fausto Rigoni ,Tomás Diaz, Agustín Norverto, Civiles Management y Mostrafest.



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