Ena Jevtić


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
8 photographs.
Photographer: Ena Jevtić / Model: Emilia Vučinić / Model: Jelisaveta Ivković / Accessories: Fucking Lion
Feast: 1/8
Feast: 2/8
Feast: 3/8
Feast: 4/8
Feast: 5/8
Feast: 6/8
Feast: 7/8
Feast: 8/8

Ena Jevtić ‘Feast’

Serbia photographer Ena Jevtić brings us a stunning debut series. This is ‘Feast’.

“The idea of the shoot was the contrast between ‘on stage’ & ‘off stage’. The human moments of being hungry, but still being able to pull off the pose. I like to work with people that are in the same sense connected to art, that wants to share ideas & are able to understand well what is the whole story. For me, it’s always important to have a bit of spontaneity & movement in photos, which can only be done if people on the shoot understand the concept. I would say that this team was perfect for my idea. We used heavy and strong jewelry, a lot of colors to show the strength & confidence of girls, even if not on the stage.”



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