Naomi Yamane

‘Feeling Pink’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Naomi Yamane / Model: gabriela franze / Wardrobe: Nao Vivo Sem
Feeling Pink: 1/12
Feeling Pink: 2/12
Feeling Pink: 3/12
Feeling Pink: 4/12
Feeling Pink: 5/12
Feeling Pink: 6/12
Feeling Pink: 7/12
Feeling Pink: 8/12
Feeling Pink: 9/12
Feeling Pink: 10/12
Feeling Pink: 11/12
Feeling Pink: 12/12

Naomi Yamane ‘Feeling Pink’

‘Feeling Pink’ is our latest awesome feature by Brazillian photographer, Naomi Yamane starring Gabriela Franze. This is the 4th impromptu shoot they have worked on together in the same house but somehow each one looks completely different & we love them all 🙂 More features by Naomi Yamane below.




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