Yamila Ape


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Yamila Ape / Model: Coco Maisonave / Model: Camila Korol / Model Management: LO Managament / HMUA: Agus Suga
Feels: 1/9
Feels: 2/9
Feels: 3/9
Feels: 4/9
Feels: 5/9
Feels: 6/9
Feels: 7/9
Feels: 8/9
Feels: 9/9

Yamila Ape ‘Feels’

Buenos Aires photographer, Yamila Ape brings us new stunning work. This is ‘Feels’.

“Have you ever felt alone with someone beside you? Have you ever felt insecure about who’s watching you’re fragility, exposed? I have. So I tried to explore these feelings in this project, & projected all of my questions & emotions with Coco & Cami, who are perfect canvases for this idea. With more simplicity than any other of my shoots, I focused on her expressions, her skin, her eye looks, & of course, The Feels.”



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