Ixa Gutiérrez

‘Female crush’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Ixa Gutiérrez / Model: Carolina para / Model Management: Look 1 models / Stylist: Ixa Gutiérrez / Make-up Artist: Ixa Gutiérrez / Hair: Alex Mastrolorenzo
Female crush: 1/10
Female crush: 2/10
Female crush: 3/10
Female crush: 4/10
Female crush: 5/10
Female crush: 6/10
Female crush: 7/10
Female crush: 8/10
Female crush: 9/10
Female crush: 10/10

Ixa Gutiérrez ‘Female crush’

It can be sexy, ugly or raw wild. It can be yellow, light blue or pink. It can be between sheets, between streets or in the middle of the night. It can be an image, a flavour or a scent. this is ‘Female crush’ by Ixa Gutiérrez.

Wardrobe; We love fashion, Blanco, Falda en cuero, Melao, Drangons, Camisa Viento, Paula Kempel, Musculosa, Paula Kempel, Falda agua, Vestido Terciopelo rosa.

@carolinavignudo and @look1models in the model’s name? pleaseee



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