Nadz Banaag


by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Nadz Banaag / Model: Rhyme Lara / Model Management: Culture Machine / Wardrobe: Cesa / Wardrobe: Nevermind Store
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Nadz Banaag ‘Femme’

Inspired by the hottest Spring season in recent Australian history, here is an analogue photo series by an all Australian cast that went down a few weeks ago right in the middle of the heatwave. Newcastle based photographer, Nadz Banaag & his gorgeous model, Rhyme had planned to meet at the local mall for frappes & to discuss an experimental art film they have been planning on shooting for a while. But since it was so unbelievably hot, the beach seemed like a better option. Rhyme suggested they shoot some photos for some new swimwear she had received, so Nadz scrummaged through old shoe boxes in his shed & managed to find 3 rolls of unused expired colour film & polaroids. To break it down for you; ‘Femme’ is the beautiful result of a fucking hot day.



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