Lars Kemnitz

‘Fever dream’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Lars Kemnitz / Model: Heidrun Fiedler
Fever dream: 1/7
Fever dream: 2/7
Fever dream: 3/7
Fever dream: 4/7
Fever dream: 5/7
Fever dream: 6/7
Fever dream: 7/7

Lars Kemnitz ‘Fever dream’

Lars Kemnitz brings us a conceptual series shot on 35mm with an eerie, haunting mood for your Sunday. This is ‘Fever dream’ starring Heidrun Fiedler.

This is a series about trying to escape from reality in search of relief, revealing subconscious desires & fears. Eventually, this turns into the feeling of being trapped in a recurring dream.”

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