Kimber Capriotti

‘Fifth Element’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Kimber Capriotti / Model: Nina K / Model Management: Muse Modal Management / Stylist: Kingsley Osuji / Hair: Jenni Wimmerstedt / Make-up Artist: Ivelisse Rosado
Fifth Element: 1/7
Fifth Element: 2/7
Fifth Element: 3/7
Fifth Element: 4/7
Fifth Element: 5/7
Fifth Element: 6/7
Fifth Element: 7/7

Kimber Capriotti ‘Fifth Element’

Kimber Capriotti brings us a stunning debut fashion series.

“The concept started with a vision that stylist, Kingsley, had for a very futuristic punk story. Jenni, our hairstylist, had created an amazing orange wig which fit the theme perfectly & helped evoke Leeloo from The Fifth Element.”

Wardrobe; Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise, Laurence & Chico, Alexandra Fuks, June Woo, Garvey Studios, Orel Brodt, Victoria Hayes, Alexander McQueen, Erickson Beamon, Kenzo, Orel Brodt, Zana Bayne, DROMe, Private Policy, Alexander McQueen, Georgine.



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