Figaros Wölfe –

Dominik Galizia

‘Figaros Wölfe’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

4 photographs.
Creator: Dominik Galizia
Figaros Wölfe: 1/4
Figaros Wölfe: 2/4
Figaros Wölfe: 3/4
Figaros Wölfe: 4/4

FIGAROS WÖLFE I Trailer German / Deutsch from Dominik Galizia on Vimeo.

Dominik Galizia ‘Figaros Wölfe’

Figaros Wölfe is a Rape-&-Revenge Love Movie, starring Saralisa Volm and Franz Rogowski in it’s leading roles.
It’s the directional debut of Dominik Galizia and is dominated by a nostalgic black/white cinematography by Greg Blakey.
The following images feature un-used scenes of a psychedelic encounter, which were shot for a mescaline trip, our protagonists

“While at the feet of an opulent building the mannered bourgeoisie is walking up & down, an oddish girl is living on the
roof of it. Her body is a treasured object of three men, whom obviously screw her day by day, till a mysterious foreigner
changes her being immediately. Her freedom reaches beyond the sky, but not further till the roof-edge, isolated by the local human existence. The rooftop is the hunting ground for Figaro & his racketeers with harmful intentions, as well as a melting pot for all the abominations, which have no right place in the civil society.”



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