James Beddoes

‘Fight club’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: James Beddoes / Model: Sho Haze
Fight club: 1/13
Fight club: 2/13
Fight club: 3/13
Fight club: 4/13
Fight club: 5/13
Fight club: 6/13
Fight club: 7/13
Fight club: 8/13
Fight club: 9/13
Fight club: 10/13
Fight club: 11/13
Fight club: 12/13
Fight club: 13/13

James Beddoes ‘Fight club’

Sorry James Beddoes!  I just came back from my mum’s wedding so writing a good intro to your new series right now is just not on the cards. Don’t do alcohol kids. Love ya James x

“This was my third time shooting with Sho, at this point we don’t really plan anything when we shoot. Sho is one of the naturally coolest people I’ve ever met so I just let her do her thing & I try my best to capture it. It was a really quiet Sunday, the streets were empty & Sho’s new hair style & jacket made her look like Brad Pit in fight club, so we just walked around finding building we could get on top of and shot some cool shit!”



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