Juan Ordonez

‘Fight club’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Juan Ordonez / Model: Diana Borodina
Fight club: 1/12
Fight club: 2/12
Fight club: 3/12
Fight club: 4/12
Fight club: 5/12
Fight club: 6/12
Fight club: 7/12
Fight club: 8/12
Fight club: 9/12
Fight club: 10/12
Fight club: 11/12
Fight club: 12/12

Juan Ordonez ‘Fight club’

Music producer & photographer Juan Ordonez, aka Juany Bravo, pays homage to China Town in Bangkok with his new awesome film series starring Diana Borodina.

“The shoot was a mix of a fashion story & diaristic photography. We tried to catch the last of golden hour on a rooftop in Bangkok, then took my motorcycle out to China Town to get some night shots. Bangkok’s China Town is full of great areas, so we just grabbed a couple of beers & went exploring & spontaneously shooting. The props & the outfits were a homage to China Town in Bangkok (Thai clothing brands, Thai local beer, Chinese currency & Chinese fan).”

wardrobe; Truly BKK & Elite Fight Club Bangkok.



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