Akeem Brandon


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Akeem Brandon / Model: Ymani Barbee / Model: Natalie Ferraro / Wardrobe: Minga London
Finally: 1/10
Finally: 2/10
Finally: 3/10
Finally: 4/10
Finally: 5/10
Finally: 6/10
Finally: 7/10
Finally: 8/10
Finally: 9/10
Finally: 10/10

Akeem Brandon ‘Finally’

‘Finally’ is our fist feature by Akeem Brandon & I LOVE IT. Duh.

“This shoot day was pretty awesome to me, because we were all supposed to meet up while the sun was out so we could utilize its light. Somehow by the time everyone got together, the sun was down & the temperature was sitting around 45 degrees. But everyone was totally committed to shooting since we were finally all together again. The cold is nothing when you add some hot chocolate, albertsons & a large floor of arcade games.”



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