The Seppis

‘Finding Lenina’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: The Seppis / Art director: The Seppis / Model: Lenina Parks / Model Management: 20 Model Management / Stylist: Seema Allie / Accessories: Iloni
Finding Lenina: 1/10
Finding Lenina: 2/10
Finding Lenina: 3/10
Finding Lenina: 4/10
Finding Lenina: 5/10
Finding Lenina: 6/10
Finding Lenina: 7/10
Finding Lenina: 8/10
Finding Lenina: 9/10
Finding Lenina: 10/10

The Seppis ‘Finding Lenina’

What are they putting in the water over in Cape Town??? So many amazing shoots coming out of there! This stunning series found its way to us via creative duo known as ‘The Seppis’. Their muse for the day possesses the kind of beauty that makes you believe in God all over again! Her name is Lenina Parks & I hope to see much more of her!

“We found Lenina on facebook, & when we saw her we knew we had to shoot her, that gap tooth, those freckles, that face, we just had to! She became our muse for the shooting & everything else revolved around her, specific to what we felt would highlight her strange & hypnotic beauty. The shoot day arrived & it was fucking amazing!”



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