Bobby Nguyen

‘Finding muse’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Bobby Nguyen / Model: Katrina Ponomarenko / Assistant photographer: Nod Le
Finding muse: 1/9
Finding muse: 2/9
Finding muse: 3/9
Finding muse: 4/9
Finding muse: 5/9
Finding muse: 6/9
Finding muse: 7/9
Finding muse: 8/9
Finding muse: 9/9

Bobby Nguyen ‘Finding muse’

From the very first shot at 5am on Long Hai Beach, Viet Nam, photographer Bobby Nguyen knew he had found his muse in natural beauty, Katrina Ponomarenko. All she needed was her American Apparel swimsuit & her easy going personality. Oh & that gorgeous bod, face & hair definitely helped too! LOVE THIS!!!



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