‘Finn leaves town (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Shan / Model: Finn Blackmore / Stylist: Finn Blackmore
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 1/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 2/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 3/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 4/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 5/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 6/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 7/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 8/9
Finn leaves town (NSFW): 9/9

Shan ‘Finn leaves town (NSFW)’

Shan & Finn Blackmore reunite for an awesome new series.

“The first time Finn & I worked together was at the start of the year when I was still new in Toronto & winter was still in full effect. We were walking & brainstorming ideas for our shoot & we came across a mostly abandoned rail yard close to one of the popular recreational trails here in Downtown Toronto. But since it was too cold, we decided to revisit it sometime else & chose to shoot indoors instead. It resulted in what is still one of my favourite conceptual portrait series I’ve done to date.

Fast-forward to August, It’s summer & the spot had transformed into a mini-forest right in the city, Finn was to move to Montreal by the end of the month & it was our chance to revisit the same spot & we stretched our creative legs giving rise to yet another fantastic series shot on film (both medium format & 35mm) & digital.”



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