Harriet Donovan

‘Fish & chips’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Harriet Donovan / Model: Reanna Thach / Model Management: J'adore Models / Stylist: Claudia Whitaker / Wardrobe: Lazy Oaf
Fish & chips: 1/6
Fish & chips: 2/6
Fish & chips: 3/6
Fish & chips: 4/6
Fish & chips: 5/6
Fish & chips: 6/6

Harriet Donovan ‘Fish & chips’

Harriet Donovan presents her latest awesome analogue series starring Reanna Thach.

“We did the shoot in a nearby riverside town, that while beautiful & quaint, is also dull, unfriendly & unwelcoming like many small towns in mid England. In the bright, colourful & youthful Lazy Oaf clothing, embellished with phrases, we stuck out like a sore thumb & took great pride parading around, eating lollies & fish & chips, & climbing on tables & walls.”



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