Fishbowl: 1/11 Fishbowl: 1/11
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Fishbowl: 9/11 Fishbowl: 9/11
Fishbowl: 10/11 Fishbowl: 10/11
Fishbowl: 11/11 Fishbowl: 11/11

Alexa King ‘Fishbowl’

Directed by American siblings Alexa King & Stephen Kinigopoulos, ‘Fishbowl’ is a short thriller that questions sexuality, authority, identity & faith. Set in Bishop, a town that harbours many secrets, the three Simon sisters Belle, Rachel & Jessa attempt to cope with the absence of their mother & maintain normality. Silently repressing them is Rick, their damaged father who is also adrift & obsessed with the rapture in which he believes is imminent. With home being anything but a refuge, the three Simon sisters must cling to each other to survive.

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