Alexa King

‘Fishbowl part 2’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Alexa King / Director: Alexa King / Director: Stephen Kinigopoulos / Starring: Belle Shickle
Fishbowl part 2: 1/11
Fishbowl part 2: 2/11
Fishbowl part 2: 3/11
Fishbowl part 2: 4/11
Fishbowl part 2: 5/11
Fishbowl part 2: 6/11
Fishbowl part 2: 7/11
Fishbowl part 2: 8/11
Fishbowl part 2: 9/11
Fishbowl part 2: 10/11
Fishbowl part 2: 11/11

Alexa King ‘Fishbowl part 2’

Regular contributor, Alexa King has been inspiring many of us over the past couple of years with her cinematic, stylised, rad AF photoshoots. This week she commenced filming her first ever feature with her brother, Stephen Kinigopoulos in their hometown & promised to keep us updated with stills along the way.

“This is a story about three young beautiful girls & their father trying to force religion & rules on them in order to survive the rapture.

Our crew has a lot of women which is so important because most crews & most directors are men. Women have such a strong voice! Women can do it all in my opinion. Fuck, we give birth, the most beautiful painful thing in the world! Power to us!”

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