Edan Shister


by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Edan Shister / Model: Maria Shainer / Stylist: Bar Friedman
Fleeting: 1/14
Fleeting: 2/14
Fleeting: 3/14
Fleeting: 4/14
Fleeting: 5/14
Fleeting: 6/14
Fleeting: 7/14
Fleeting: 8/14
Fleeting: 9/14
Fleeting: 10/14
Fleeting: 11/14
Fleeting: 12/14
Fleeting: 13/14
Fleeting: 14/14

Edan Shister ‘Fleeting’

Israel had just announced it would be heading into further lockdown, photographer Edan Shister felt compelled to steal fleeting days of sun as restrictions would see summer unfortunately cut short. In this editorial, Edan photographs Maria as she swims & watches the sunset from a seemingly empty beach in Tel Aviv.



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