Leo Batt

‘Flour boy’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Leo Batt / Art director: Leo Batt / Model: Raphael Blue Bromilow
Flour boy: 1/6
Flour boy: 2/6
Flour boy: 3/6
Flour boy: 4/6
Flour boy: 5/6
Flour boy: 6/6

Leo Batt ‘Flour boy’

South African photographer, Leo Batt presents his debut feature.

There wasn’t much planning. I called Raphael & said “Hey boi wanna do some naked shots on the train tracks covered in flour?” & he was like “ye.” So we did. I think that describes the character itself, his content with anything. A love for just the flour & books he carries around, no other cares in the world.

I have a large attraction to minimalist compositions, focusing on contrasts & small bursts of vibrance within colour. I decided to make the background simple, with no attractions to the eyes, bringing the characters personality out further, & focusing more on the details of the body.



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