Stephanie Bonnefoy


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Stephanie Bonnefoy / Model: Ania Soltan / Stylist: Julia Arnhardt / Stylist: Tina Tragsdorf / HMUA: Andre Ballone
Fluke: 1/7
Fluke: 2/7
Fluke: 3/7
Fluke: 4/7
Fluke: 5/7
Fluke: 6/7
Fluke: 7/7

Stephanie Bonnefoy ‘Fluke’

Stephanie Bonnefoy, an analogue photographer originally from London & now living in Berlin is slowly learning her place in the digital world. Here she presents us with her first digital feature.

“Somewhat of a fluke editorial, the concept of the bubble-gum effect was a quick mess about during an e-commerce shoot that soon turned into something more when the outcome exited all involved. Eventually, I aim to be a mixed media photographer/artist. Shooting only in analogue so far, I’ve never felt confident enough with any of my digital work to share it so publicly. So here is to one step forward…”



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