Vik Soos

‘Food stop’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Vik Soos / Model: Tatiana Dieteman / Stylist: Cara Bloom / Hair: Andres Copeland / Make-up Artist: Alex N Harnandez
Food stop: 1/8
Food stop: 2/8
Food stop: 3/8
Food stop: 4/8
Food stop: 5/8
Food stop: 6/8
Food stop: 7/8
Food stop: 8/8

Vik Soos ‘Food stop’

‘Food Stop’ was created by an amazing team of talented artists & was set in various food stops around Hollywood. Photographer Vik Soos explained this is his take on subliminal inside play on american’s obsession with food. This makes me smile since we just returned to Australia from New York & find ourselves readjusting to the way smaller food portions dished out by the restaurants here. Its literally half the size!!! 🙂





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