Clay Fields

‘Fool’s gold (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

22 photographs.
Photographer: Clay Fields / Model: Salem Newberry
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 1/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 2/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 3/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 4/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 5/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 6/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 7/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 8/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 9/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 10/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 11/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 12/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 13/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 14/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 15/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 16/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 17/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 18/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 19/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 20/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 21/22
Fool’s gold (NSFW): 22/22

Clay Fields ‘Fool’s gold (NSFW)’

Clay Fields brings us a new analogue series captured in his Hollywood home/studio. This is ‘Fool’s gold’ starring Salem Newberry.

“I shot this using one of my favourite models ever, Salem Newberry! So, we got the theme idea mainly from two of our new favourite TV shows, ‘Watchmen’ & ‘Euphoria’. Personally I have the biggest crush on Hunter Schafer who plays Jules on ‘Euphoria’ (hahaha), so of course, I wanted to recreate that episode of Jules with her wings using Salem, & then a little of the makeup idea is from Regina King’s character on ‘Watchmen’. Salem is her own MUA, & killed it with the makeup for this photo shoot. The makeup is its own entity, its got a little ‘FKA Twigs with the baby curls’ personality.”



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