John Joseph Estevez

‘Forbidden 17’s’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: John Joseph Estevez / Production: John Joseph Estevez / Production: Lucas Rama / CinematographerLucas Rama / Model: Zavatto Martina / Model Management: Lo Management
Forbidden 17’s: 1/6
Forbidden 17’s: 2/6
Forbidden 17’s: 3/6
Forbidden 17’s: 4/6
Forbidden 17’s: 5/6
Forbidden 17’s: 6/6

FORBIDDEN 17'S FOR STICKS&STONES M from Lucas Rama on Vimeo.

John Joseph Estevez ‘Forbidden 17’s’

Argentina creatives, John Joseph Estevez & Lucas Rama collaborated on their debut feature.

“This series reflects the life of a girl & her two sides. One side light & one side dark. A little lost in a commercial world. Not knowing where to go.”



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