Forbidden: 1/4 Forbidden: 1/4
Forbidden: 2/4 Forbidden: 2/4
Forbidden: 3/4 Forbidden: 3/4
Forbidden: 4/4 Forbidden: 4/4

Forbidden from Alexandra Galloway on Vimeo.

Majella Productions ‘Forbidden’

It’s a pleasure to premiere a short film from Melbourne born Female Empowered Production House Majella Productions.

“Forbidden is as an ode to self-love & navigates yearning to connect to our own bodies. Statistically, women have their first sexual experiences with someone else, rather than themselves. This dream-like film follows Alice as she takes ownership of her curiosity towards self-exploration & self-pleasure.”

Producer: Majella Productions, Producer: Gabrielle Pearson, Writer/Director/Performed by: Alexandra Galloway, Director of photography: Amy Dellar, Production Designer: Jessica Martin, Editor & colourist: Sam McCarthy, Music Composition by Edward Wilks, Sound Designer: Tamara Partridge, Sound Master: David Weaver, Sound Recordist: Quinn Thurtell, 1st Assistant Director: Gemma Carfi & Rebecca Gauci, 1st Assistant Camera Drew Collins, 2nd Assistant Camera Jesse Phillips, Gaffer: Beth Dahlsen & Ivy Mutuku, Steadicam: Antony Zhao, Costume Designer: Lauren Perna, Make Up Artist: Elisa Clark, Graphic Design: Play On Play, Choreographer: Sian Kelly.



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