Evgenya Kayumova

‘Forest Princess’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Evgenya Kayumova / Model: Maria Baigolova / Stylist: Olga / Make-up Artist: Maria Yakovleva
Forest Princess: 1/8
Forest Princess: 2/8
Forest Princess: 3/8
Forest Princess: 4/8
Forest Princess: 5/8
Forest Princess: 6/8
Forest Princess: 7/8
Forest Princess: 8/8

Evgenya Kayumova ‘Forest Princess’

‘Forest Princess’ is a fashion story by Evgenya Kayumova & Olga that fuses vintage with modern so perfectly that I am actually looking forward to getting ready today! In love with this.

Featured brands: p_a_v_l_u_k_h_i_n_a, Mango, Monoblood.



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