Alex Zen

‘Forever near’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Alex Zen / Model: Constance Angel / Make-up Artist: Constance Angel
Forever near: 1/10
Forever near: 2/10
Forever near: 3/10
Forever near: 4/10
Forever near: 5/10
Forever near: 6/10
Forever near: 7/10
Forever near: 8/10
Forever near: 9/10
Forever near: 10/10

Alex Zen ‘Forever near’

Alex Zen started taking photos & making music videos while playing in Toronto indie bands & hanging around friends who all loved film cameras. Recently Zen moved into a former halfway house for prisoners & converted it into a DIY loft/ studio space. Shooting primarily with film cameras & no assistance from helpers Zen looks to make each shoot unique by embracing the flaws in DIY setups & happy film accidents. Today it is a pleasure to feature this debut series by new contributor Alex Zen.

“The series was the first of many collaborations coming between me & Angel who in “Forever Near” wanted to capture a sensual intimate moment which is forever expanded in infinity mirrors. The set was created in my studio by scavenging to find as many big mirrors as possible & a chance purchase of a custom made South African rug on Kjiji. This series was meant to show many different angles of same scene so we see alternate glimpses of the same moment which would have been forever lost with one lens.”



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