Alyssa Vaphiades


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Alyssa Vaphiades / Model: Natassja Tidbell / Model Management: Onyx Model Management / Stylist: Alyssa Vaphiades
Forsaken: 1/10
Forsaken: 2/10
Forsaken: 3/10
Forsaken: 4/10
Forsaken: 5/10
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Forsaken: 8/10
Forsaken: 9/10
Forsaken: 10/10

Alyssa Vaphiades ‘Forsaken’

Alyssa Vaphiades makes the best of a horrible situation for her debut feature starring Natassja Tidbell.

“Alabama had been in a stage 4 drought & one of our major lakes was completely dried up, which was great for photography & horrible in every other aspect. I wanted to channel that kind of isolated gloom that I was getting from the setting. Luckily it was one of our warmer November days with the perfect amount of wind to really add to the mood.”



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