For·ti·tude –

Delilah Jesinkey


by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Delilah Jesinkey / Model: Alvina Bokhari / Stylist: Leslieann Santiago
For·ti·tude: 1/5
For·ti·tude: 2/5
For·ti·tude: 3/5
For·ti·tude: 4/5
For·ti·tude: 5/5

Delilah Jesinkey ‘For·ti·tude’

NYC photographer, Delilah Jesinkey presents her debut series starring, Alvina Bokhari.

“This tripod born and raised in New York, wanted to provide a story about authenticity. We chose locations & clothing that we felt expressed the spontaneity & demure maturity of youth in the city. We wanted to convey the simple sentiment that strength is within our own selves, & encourage girls not to look outward but inward.

for·ti·tude noun
courage in pain or adversity.”



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