Weronika Sikora

‘Fortune teller’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Weronika Sikora / Art director: Weronika Sikora / Model: Ruby Jean Wilson / Model: Faye Moore / Model: Katy Bailey / Model Management: Model Team Scotland
Fortune teller: 1/9
Fortune teller: 2/9
Fortune teller: 3/9
Fortune teller: 4/9
Fortune teller: 5/9
Fortune teller: 6/9
Fortune teller: 7/9
Fortune teller: 8/9
Fortune teller: 9/9

Weronika Sikora ‘Fortune teller’

With the help of her dream team, Weronika Sikora brings us a stunning debut feature based on a concept of two young woman’s curiosity of their future. This is ‘Fortune teller’.



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