Photogenic: 1/7 Photogenic: 1/7
Photogenic: 2/7 Photogenic: 2/7
Photogenic: 3/7 Photogenic: 3/7
Photogenic: 4/7 Photogenic: 4/7
Photogenic: 5/7 Photogenic: 5/7
Photogenic: 6/7 Photogenic: 6/7
Photogenic: 7/7 Photogenic: 7/7

Frederick Wilkinson ‘Photogenic’

This eclectic selection of photographs from Frederick Wilkinson gives an unconventional twist to portrait images. Each outfit emphatically exaggerates & enhances the changes in backdrop, accessories, hair & makeup. Model, Thea Carley’s adaptability & versatility in front of the lens are thoroughly showcased.

Wardrobe; Miló Maria, Butler & Wilson, Olivia Von Halle Earrings, Furla, Hildur Yeoman, Rejina Pyo, Paula Knorr, Swarovski, Stine Goya, AS by Akansha Sethi, Alexandra Hakim, Paula Knorr, Rejina Pyo, Akansha Seth, Loretta Caponi.



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