Troy Freyee

‘Free love’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Troy Freyee / Art director: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Written by: Troy Freyee / CinematographerJaen Collective / Model: Jamaal Stevens / Model: Soske
Free love: 1/14
Free love: 2/14
Free love: 3/14
Free love: 4/14
Free love: 5/14
Free love: 6/14
Free love: 7/14
Free love: 8/14
Free love: 9/14
Free love: 10/14
Free love: 11/14
Free love: 12/14
Free love: 13/14
Free love: 14/14

Free Love by Troy Freyee from Jáen Collective on Vimeo.

Troy Freyee ‘Free love’

A couple months ago my incredible BFF, Troy Freyee, asked me if I would come help him with his next project which would include sexy poeple that I know & love, & so obvi’s I said yes. I had to leave half way through the shoot, but I am so in love with the result!!!

“This one’s close to my heart. For me, love is love. it shouldn’t matter what sex, skin colour or beliefs you are/have, to me love overrides everything! It can be poison. It can be a cure. It’s the most powerful emotion any human can have. Which brings me to this shoot. Inspired by a free love vibe, I rounded up my fav people to create a story about close friends that love each other way too fucking much that they are even a little bit confused about who they love. This is a story about loving whoever the fuck you want.”

Female section of the shoot published in We are the people mag



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