Drew Valenti

‘Friendly intruder’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Drew Valenti / Model: Maria Kn / Words: Maria Kn
Friendly intruder: 1/11
Friendly intruder: 2/11
Friendly intruder: 3/11
Friendly intruder: 4/11
Friendly intruder: 5/11
Friendly intruder: 6/11
Friendly intruder: 7/11
Friendly intruder: 8/11
Friendly intruder: 9/11
Friendly intruder: 10/11
Friendly intruder: 11/11

Drew Valenti ‘Friendly intruder’

Los Angeles photographer Drew Valenti meets with Maria KN during his recent visit to Berlin to capture a ‘Friendly intruder’.

“Sometimes I imagine myself being an intruder, breaking into other peoples homes. Not necessarily a mischievous one. I wouldn’t steal or break anything. I just wanted to be part of this tiny little world I entered for a little bit. Look at all the things these people have accumulated over their lifetimes. Imagine myself living their lives, lounging on their sofas, looking out their windows, reading their books, drinking out of their coffee mugs. Just for a little while before forgetting all about it & returning to my own life. I am the friendly intruder.”



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