Frost –

Korbinian Vogt


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Korbinian Vogt / Model: Johannsdottir
Frost: 1/8
Frost: 2/8
Frost: 3/8
Frost: 4/8
Frost: 5/8
Frost: 6/8
Frost: 7/8
Frost: 8/8

Korbinian Vogt ‘Frost’

If there is one thing most photographers will agree on, its that nude & nature are an excellent combination. Munich creatives, Korbinian Vogt & his muse, Dora (you have no idea how much I wanted to call this series ‘Dora the explorer’) head to the stunning glaciers of Iceland for their debut feature.

“The shooting conditions were difficult. We where hiking up to the Icelandic glaciers for 5 hours in the pouring rain in search of unspoiled landscapes. We wanted to capture the harsh nordic nature in combination with nude art in an authentic way.”



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