Yves Pokakunkanon

‘F*ck & Run’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Yves Pokakunkanon / Model: Darisa Karnpoj / Model: Piyathath Patiparnpresert
F*ck & Run: 1/10
F*ck & Run: 2/10
F*ck & Run: 3/10
F*ck & Run: 4/10
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F*ck & Run: 10/10

Yves Pokakunkanon ‘F*ck & Run’

Yves Pokakunkanon brings us a debut series inspired by her secret Summer romance.

“I started hanging out with this guy in summer of last year & it didn’t last very long. He didn’t want to be seen with me so we always had to sneak around at night. We either met at his workplace after everybody had left or wandered around outside hoping to find a place where we could get a bit more intimate. My most memorable night with him was the night we decided to just hang in his car exchanging conversations & kisses with my favourite songs playing in the background. For someone who grew up in a somewhat conservative household like me (I was 24 & still had a curfew), that was already pretty bold & mischievous enough.

We shot this at the exact same spot where he parked his car that night. Still, these photos are actually not similar to what I have in my memory at all. What actually happened was that I was the only one catching feelings & being miserable but what you see here is two people who are actually infatuated with each other & they are not afraid of showing it. I guess I wanted to recreate that night into something more meaningful.”



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