FUCK: 1/9 FUCK: 1/9
FUCK: 2/9 FUCK: 2/9
FUCK: 3/9 FUCK: 3/9
FUCK: 4/9 FUCK: 4/9
FUCK: 5/9 FUCK: 5/9
FUCK: 6/9 FUCK: 6/9
FUCK: 7/9 FUCK: 7/9
FUCK: 8/9 FUCK: 8/9
FUCK: 9/9 FUCK: 9/9

Andrew Hunczak ‘FUCK’

LA artist Andrew Hunczak brings us a rad af debut analogue feature. This is ‘Fuck’.

“I grew up with Cristina & she lives around the corner from me which is cool, because I always have a chill, beautiful model nearby. On the day of this shoot I just randomly hit her up and got in her car with no idea about what we were going to do. I had ski goggles in my fendi side bag along with some tape, & lettering from the back of a car that I found in a Walmart parking lot. While driving around we stumbled into an abandoned motel that I had shot at once before, but I had never went inside. We were bummed at first because it seemed that all the rooms were locked, although seriously run down. Luckily we found one room that was open so we explored that & got a roll of film shot as quickly as possible because somebody was obviously living in there, got it done in about 20 minutes or so.

I had the collage I would later make visualized before beginning to shoot. I wanted snakes everywhere on Celeste & coming out of her eyes to symbolize a dangerous girl, a girl that is not too much like she seems. But I don’t like to give too much of my personal meaning away because I want it to be open to interpretation. It took a while to get the snake outta hiding but I was really determined to get these shots. It was hard too, to have a living prop that could not be shaped to whatever was desired. We had to kinda wait and anticipate good shots based on the snakes movement.”



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